What’s up guys, the name’s Houston. I love to learn, good questions, and Jesus. I’m scared to start this blog because I fear that I won’t stick with it. I have started this blog for 2 reasons: 1) to share my love for US Presidents with you 2) to encourage you to be off your phone more by showing you what you can do by being on it less. 

The plan is to read 1 biography of every US President in 2020. I LOVE Presidential History! I think it’s fascinating, so I look forward to telling you about what I learn as I go.

It kills me seeing how much people are on their phones. I’m not perfect either, but dadgummit I ain’t gunna let imperfection keep me from fighting to be off of it as much as possible. I’m convinced that reading 44 books in a year won’t be that difficult because I plan to carry a book literally everywhere I go (follow me on twitter @hc3baby to see how far I’ll go to read!) and be on my phone very very little. 

Tweet any questions/things you’re curious about in regards to US Presidents that I can be on the lookout for while I’m reading to @hc3baby or reply to this post.

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